S6000-C: 6-axis Collaborative Robot Laser Scanner

The S6000-C is our collaborative robotic 3D scanning and measurement platform. This system has six axes of freedom and a wide reach and is well equipped to measure large or complex objects.

The collaborative robot which this system is built around allows for flexible installation in open environments, for simple customization, and quick teaching. The S6000-C delivers accurate measurements that anyone can use.


Our most collaborative robot. The easy programming mode can teach positions. The mobile base with leveling casters and telescoping carbon fiber tracker stand makes it that much more functional.

  • High-precision scanning
  • Multiple scanning modes
  • Uses MAS 3i-Flex™ Scanning System


One of the best aspects of our S6000-C Laser Scanner is that it requires very little integration. It can be setup with simple training and is simple to teach. Any operator can teach a new scanning program within minutes.

  • Simply plug and play
  • No guarding required
  • Can park anywhere


All of the S-Series machines include the powerful features of our S-Series Analyzer Software. Use a single interface to manage your entire measurement process from motion control, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Plus S-Series analyzer is built with automation in mind—setup a recipe once and then measure parts again and again with one click.

  • Automated CAD import and comparison.
  • Robust measurement tools including GD&T measurements.
  • Ready to integrate with other equipment via GPIO or our Scan-to-Path software package.


Laser Specs

Reach 55.827" (1418mm)

Total Payload 22.05 lbs (10kg)

Scanning Area 500mm x 600mm

Depth of Field 15.748" (400mm)

Data Resolution 0.00079" (20μm)

System Specs

Sensor Accuracy 0.00098" (25μm)

System Accuaracy 0.00252" (64µm)


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Integrating into your Process

We offer complete design and integration services to help customize our systems to solve your various issues. Allow us to show you how we can fully integrate our products into your processes. We’ll start by assessing your biggest issues and help tailor a system to fit your needs so you can gain control over your manufacturing process and improve your quality.

  • This product can be customized to any application. Our experts will customize robot end of arm tool and cell to work turnkey with your manufacturing line.
  • Uploading is easy. Start with a CAD model from any design software. Then, simply upload STP files or STL files of your parts to use as the basis of your analysis.


Low-volume, High-mix

Make-to-order manufacturing produces a high variety of products in small quantities. Our simple teaching method can assist you achieve automatic measurement of unique or complex parts with specific quality needs.

In-line Measurement

Can be integrated seamlessly into your manufacturing line to allow products to be measured every-time. The S6000-C can be parked next to conveyor or existing equipment for accurate inline measurements.

Portable Setup

This system makes it easy for users to move to multiple locations on a large work piece. By utilizing minimal space within a shop, our scanner makes it easy to perform daily tasks properly.


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