We enable intelligent manufacturing processes by providing software and hardware to leverage 3D scanning for metrology, defect inspection, and adaptive robot pathing.

Configurable Components. Powerful Solutions.

Whether you need automated end of line measurement, inline defect inspection, or adaptive robot guidance MAS can configure a system to help you solve your measurement frustrations. The QC Plus™ family of components is highly flexible and can be easily configured to suit your specific requirements, allowing you to build a system that is tailored to your exact needs.

CobotQC Bundle: Pre-configured to Save You Time

Deploy 3D scanning and analysis quicker than ever with our complete CobotQC bundle, which features a FANUC CRX collaborative robot, offering you a flexible and reliable solution. Our bundle includes everything you need to deploy the system on your factory floor with ease, thanks to the self-contained rolling Smart Base. This eliminates the need for any complicated integration processes and allows for quick and hassle-free implementation. With this bundle, you can be confident that you have all the necessary tools to achieve efficient and accurate 3D scanning and analysis, making it the perfect addition to your workplace.

CobotQC Bundle

Learn How Our Solutions Work For Your Industry

MAS provides accurate and reliable solutions to fit a variety of needs. From our innovative Scan-to-Path software, to our fully customizable final inspection solutions, we have the industry-leading 3D scanning capabilities that you need.


QC Plus™ metrology systems plus our Scan-to-Path software functions allow you to truly control your quality, not just measure it. Use your measurement data to intelligently guide downstream processes, prevent re-work, or correct defects before a part reaches the end of the line.


All of our measurement systems use our QC Plus™ software to control the entire measurement process—motion control, data collection, analysis, reporting, and more. It is simple to setup a recipe to automatically scan, align, compare, and report. In addition to powerful standard tools, our software is ready to be expanded with custom measurements or export formats to fit your needs.

Our software also features additional plug-ins to enable unique features in our measurement systems:

  • The Scan-to-Path™ package allows you to control quality from the root cause by measuring a part then adapting the robot path to do real work.
  • Our no-code teaching package works with our collaborative systems to enable users to teach new scan programs from the joystick without any coding.


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