Aerospace & Defense Metrology

Benefits of Integrated Metrology

In the world of defense and aerospace metrology, maintaining part geometries is not only an essential aspect of manufacturing, but also the first step to guaranteeing the overall safety and operational efficiency of aircraft and other equipment.

Defects, micro-fissures, and component fractures can lead to catastrophic failures, which is why our inline defense and aerospace metrology solutions help you identify these anomalies and defects in real-time.

Our goal at MAS is simple—help your company reduce costs, minimize in-process defects, and increase production throughput. Find out more about our aerospace capabilities below.

irplane in hangar being serviced
Airplane turbine jet engine casing open

MAS’ Aerospace Capabilities & Applications

Our non-contact aerospace metrology profiler and scanner systems can provide pinpoint measurement accuracy throughout every stage of your manufacturing process. From your initial designs and prototypes through full-scale production, our highly-accurate laser scanning systems will improve your efficiency while providing that all-important extra layer of quality. It's about helping you make the best possible product while giving your customers confidence in your solutions. You can use our aerospace and defense metrology systems for the following applications:

Turbine Blade Inspection

Analyzing surface topography on turbine blades is a regular inspection requirement in the aerospace industry. Our systems identify any surface defects while also measuring the blade’s geometry and profile. The goal is to protect against catastrophic engine failure or the high costs associated with premature wear of your turbine blades.

Turbine blade during measurement by 3D laser


Blisk aerofoils, sometimes referred to as “bladed disks” or “bladed rotors,” play a critical role in fuel consumption and engine performance. Inspection of these blisks is critical to identifying micro-fissures or microscopic holes that could lead to engine failure. Our systems can provide a detailed view, allowing you to identify any issues before they propagate.

Turbine Casings

Turbine casings help channel air through the airplane’s engine. Our laser scanning systems can measure every inch of your turbine casing, regardless of whether they’re made from titanium, aluminum, steel, or a heat-resistant alloy.

airplane turbine blade engine cross section

Locate & Correct Turbine Shroud Scratches

Turbine shrouds play an important role in maintaining airflow within turbines. Our Scan-to-Path™ equipped systems help manufacturers identify and correct turbine shroud scratches while also helping to ensure their product provides proper airflow.

Skin & Aero Structure

Our 3D laser scanning solutions can help reduce maintenance and repair costs for aerospace primes by thoroughly inspecting surface roughness on skins and other external surface structures. Our scanners can also help manufacturers maintain surface tolerances and dimensions and reduce costs by identifying surface anomalies.

Airplane landing gear close up

Landing Gear

There are multiple structural components that make up an airplane’s landing gear. Our 3D laser scanning systems can measure any profile geometry including torque links, side braces, retraction actuators, fittings, shock absorbers, trailer arms, or other critical assemblies.


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