Medical & Pharmaceutical Metrology

Automated Metrology Systems

MAS is proud to provide a custom line of automated metrology systems for manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products. We designed our unique QC Plus™ machines and our Scan-to-Path™ technology to help manufacturers reduce waste, lower production costs, and improve yield.

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Medical worker working on a metrology machine
Scan-to-path Metrology Software

Benefits of QC Plus™ Metrology

QC Plus™ automated metrology systems allow medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to satisfy their production constraints with more accuracy, flexibility, and speed.

For example, our QC Plus™ metrology systems combined with our Scan-to-Path™ software offer many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Quality Control: You will not only have the ability to measure quality, but also control it.
  • Real-Time Measurements: While some automated metrology systems allow manufacturers to take offline measurements, our systems are ready to integrate in-line to take measurements in real-time. This allows you to gather data, identify potentials, and fix these issues throughout the production process.
  • Adaptive Pathing: Scan-to-Path™ software can send data to your robotic system that allows it to adapt to changing situations throughout the production process. For example, if a defect is detected in a component, instead of throwing this product into a scrap bin or rework bin, the robotic system will instead attempt to fix the problem.
  • High-Speed Measurements: Our systems can rapidly measure a wide array of parts.
  • More Data: Lastly, automated QC Plus™ machines offers more data than you can gather manually. You can use the data our software gathers to reduce waste, improve QA processes, and prevent product defects.

MAS’ Medical & Pharmaceutical Capabilities

Our non-contact QC Plus™ metrology systems are customizable based on your unique needs and offer a wide range of capabilities. Whether you manufacture blister machines, dental implants, or surgical tools, our goal is to help you create high-quality products every time. Some of the most useful applications of our metrology systems are listed below.

Medical capabilities using metrology systems

Implant Devices

Hip, disc, and knee implants are hugely beneficial medical devices that enhance the lives of many millions of people worldwide. Because so many individuals need them, there are strict medical device quality assurance standards and requirements that manufacturers must follow to ensure consumer safety. Our QC Plus™ Scan-to-Path™ medical metrology systems utilize high-resolution optical 3D scanning technology to help you identify and fix any surface defects.

Surgical Tools

QC Plus™ automated metrology is also useful for measuring surgical drills and milling cutters. Our software provides total-surface geometric data for the inspection of both metal and plastic medical devices.

Medical surgical tools
Pharmacists working with medical products

Medical Packaging

Lastly, our medical metrology systems can help you increase repeatability in the production of individual-wrap packages, blister packaging, pharmacy bottles, medical trays, and other medical packaging.


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