GaugeQC Bundle

Three Axis Scanning Station Bundle

The GaugeQC bundle features a heavy-duty base frame, topped with a precision granite surface to offer you the highest accuracy for your measurement needs. This turnkey measurement gauge has been designed to simplify the measurement process, enabling any operator to take highly precise measurements with just the push of a button. This pre-configured station has 1 axis of scanning motion, with 2 additional part positioning axes—a Y Axis and a rotary axis. With this bundle, you can be confident that you are investing in a reliable and efficient measurement station that delivers superior accuracy every time.

Includes laser profiler of your choice, rolling steel measurement frame with granite top and bridge style scanning axis, Y-axis part positioning axis, rotary part positioning axis, custom PC, 4K monitor, adjustable monitor mount, and QC Plus™ Core software.

GaugeQC Bundle


Meet our highest accuracy system in the QC Plus™ family! This system has all the measurement tools of our QC Plus™ Core software, along with the ability to detect even the smallest of scratches and color variations.

  • Resolution as fine as 2.5um
  • Heavy duty steel structure
  • Wide range of sensors
  • Detects color variation


Accurate measurement reports from any operator. Training is simple and measurement results are repeatable across different shifts.

  • High-accuracy
  • Simple, repeatable operation
  • Measure more parts with ease


All of the QC Plus™ machines are powered by our QC Plus™ Core software. Use a single interface to manage your entire measurement process: motion control, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Even when performing handheld scanning, QC Plus™ Core is built with automation in mind—setup a recipe once and then measure parts again and again with one click.

  • Automated CAD import and comparison.
  • Robust measurement tools including GD&T measurements.
  • Automated report generation.

Configure your custom system today

MAS has pre-designed components which can be combined in a variety of ways to create a system unique to your needs—all powered by the powerful features of our QC Plus™ software. Contact a member of our sales team to configure your system today.