Electric Vehicle Metrology

As the automotive industry rapidly accelerates towards electrification, electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers face an ever-increasing challenge of quickly creating and delivering products that meet quality standards, all while avoiding compliance issues.

As a provider of unique metrology solutions to electric vehicle manufacturers, MAS understands the need for reliable and accurate measurements of components to ensure safety, reduce costs, and maximize production efficiency. Our automated 3D scanning systems can help you increase production speed while ensuring exact component specifications are met throughout the manufacturing process.

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Car Factory 3D Concept: Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line
Professional Engineer Works on a Computer with a 3D CAD Software

MAS’ Electric Vehicle Capabilities

Our automated, non-contact 3D scanners use the latest 3D imaging and laser triangulation to measure a wide range of complex EV components, including batteries, electric motors, power electronics, fuel cells, and gears, with unparalleled accuracy.


When building an electric vehicle, it’s critical to take precise measurements during the design and production phases. Our metrology solutions allow you to verify that all components during the battery assembly process meet the required specifications and remain defect-free. Utilizing automated 3D scanning for batteries leads to better accuracy, improved quality, repeatable results, and shorter production times.

Electric car lithium battery pack and power connections
Battery and wire installed on electric system of eco car engine, Automotive part concept

Electric Motors

By precisely measuring each component of an electric motor, you can guarantee a higher level of quality control and reliability for your products. Our scanners can measure a wide range of GD&T measurements as well as inspect for visual defects. By ensuring these parts are built within precise tolerances and limits, your electric vehicles can operate at peak efficiency with minimal noise or vibration. Furthermore, our scanning systems can uncover potential problems before they arise, allowing you to prevent costly repairs or recalls.

Power Electronics

Using our QC Plus™ 3D scanning systems, electrical components and assemblies can be precisely measured with minimal errors. The reliable data provided by our measurement equipment as well as our innovative software helps identify potential issues during the production process, ensuring all components are produced according to design specifications and reducing the risks of failure due to inaccurate assembly or faulty parts.

Chassis of the electric, hybrid car with powertrain. Blue toned.
Fuel Cells in Manufacturing Assembly Line

Fuel Cells

Metrology plays a central role in fuel cell manufacturing and inspections, allowing components such as seals, electrodes, and membranes to be measured with high accuracy. MAS has been at the forefront of developing metrology solutions for fuel cells and offers custom-built systems tailored to your unique requirements.


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