Solutions to Solve Any Problem

MAS provides accurate and reliable solutions to fit a variety of needs. From our innovative Scan-to-Path services, to our fully customizable and final inspection solutions, we have the industry-leading 3D scanning capabilities that you require.

Accurate Final Inspections

MAS QC Plus™ systems can provide accurate automated metrology for final quality control measurements and inspection. Whether inline or near-line our QC Plus™ machines are ready to configure to your final inspection needs. These systems can cover a wide range of solutions—from fully automated inspection of auto frames to EV stamped fuel cell inspection with dispensed bead inspection. These industry-leading systems can inspect multiple parts in a single pass.

Innovative Scan-to-Path

QC Plus™ metrology systems plus our Scan-to-Path software functions allow you to truly control your quality, not just measure it. Use your data to intelligently guide downstream processes, prevent re-work, or correct defects before a part reaches the end of the line. Take quality inspection one step farther. Measure a part and adapt your dispensing robot path to match the parts needs.

Custom Tailored Solutions

At MAS, we want to help you find a solution to your quality control and measurement problems so you can control your manufacturing process and improve your overall quality. If one of our pre-engineered systems doesn’t fit your needs then we will work with you to create a completely custom system. Think of us as your industry partner. We want to help you succeed any way we can. Schedule a discovery meeting today to tell us more about your unique challenges.

The MAS Process

We make it easy for our customers to understand our entire process. We learn your problems so we can fully customize our process to solve even your biggest issues. Our experts start with a discovery meeting to learn about your company and your metrology needs, and in most cases we can provide a completed proposal after three meetings and minimal touch time from your team.


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