Manufacturing Metrology

Automated Metrology Systems

MAS is committed to helping manufacturers reduce their costs, improve production yields, and gain control of their assembly lines and production processes through advanced Scan-to-Path™ metrology systems. Our systems are designed to detect defects throughout every stage of the manufacturing process and help robotic systems adapt to changes within production.

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Fanuc Robot In Manufacturing Facility
CRX-10iA Robot Sanding a Cabinet Door

MAS’ Manufacturing Capabilities

Our automated metrology systems and proprietary software makes it possible to control quality throughout each stage of your manufacturing process, as well as measure the dimensional accuracy of your components. Our Scan-to-Path™ software provides even more benefits that standard in-line or integrated metrology do not. Our laser scanning systems, combined with our Scan-to-Path™ software can be used to measure and control the quality of castings and forgings, mold components, plastics, bent tubes, CNC machines, and additive manufacturing parts.

Castings & Forgings

Casting and forging are two manufacturing processes that produce highly complex and durable components for all types of industries. However, just like any manufacturing process, errors during production can lead to porosity, improper grain growth, cracks, and other defects. For casting, our metrology systems can help you inspect castings for accuracy and potential defects like shrinkage and warping. Additionally, in forging, our system can inspect components before they cool and use our Scan-to-Path™ software to trim any excess or remaining flashing.

CNC Machine Creating Casting
CNC Machine Mold Making

Mold Making

Developing molds can be a complex and costly process, especially if these molds must be created within tight tolerances. Our measurement systems can help you compare functionality of your existing mold to its original CAD design, ensuring minimal errors and inaccuracies and ultimately lower production costs.


Automated metrology with QC Plus™ can also help speed up and support all phases of the injection molding, thermoforming, and blow molding processes used to manufacture plastic parts and components. 3D metrology can help ensure accuracy and precision from prototyping to first article inspection to final assembly analysis and eventual load testing.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine
Scan-to-path Metrology Software

Bent Tube Inspection

Measuring complex bent tubes with manual metrology equipment can be challenging, but our pre-engineered metrology systems can visually inspect multiple angles, analyze geometry and size of the tube, and verify tolerances and specifications, and even make corrections using our Scan-to-Path ™ software.

CNC Machine Inspections

Robotic tending of CNC machines is a common way to improve productivity and efficiency. With our robotic metrology systems the same robot can load and unload parts and perform inspections. Our automated systems enable you to measure parts before they leave the machining center or remove parts, measure them, and send them to the correct location automatically.

Man programming CNC machine
Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Parts Inspection & Post Processing

3D-printed components and other AM-produced parts often have a large variety of forms and freeform surfaces, making them challenging to inspect and measure with conventional measurement tools and instruments. And, if you do have the tools to measure complex AM parts, it can take up significant amounts of time. With QC Plus™ from MAS, AM parts can be inspected and measured in real-time to ensure parts meet tolerances, feature the correct properties, and achieve dimensional accuracy.


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