LineQC Bundle

Single Axis Scanning Bundle

This comprehensive bundle is everything you need for single axis straight-line 3D scanning. The linear stage comes equipped with a highly accurate laser profiler, giving you accurate and reliable results. Whether you’re looking to integrate it with conveyors, existing robots, or other equipment, our system has been designed with quick and easy mounting in mind, making the installation process hassle-free.

Available in multiple length options.

Includes laser profiler of your choice, precision linear stage with control panel, custom PC, 4K monitor, adjustable monitor mount, and QC Plus™ Core software.

LineQC Bundle


This simple pre-engineered package makes it easy to integrate 3D laser scanning with a laser profiler.

  • Single-axis scanning
  • Servo motion with precision rails
  • Great for defect detection
  • Live temperature compensation is also available
3d laser integrated into a production line


A cost-effective solution with quick cycle times! Our linear scanning systems can be easily mounted over a work bench or it can be integrated with other equipment and the LineQC bundle includes everything you need to get started quickly.

  • Easy integration
  • No custom design needed
  • Cost effective 3D scanning


All of the QC Plus™ machines are powered by our QC Plus™ Core software. Use a single interface to manage your entire measurement process: motion control, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Even when performing handheld scanning, QC Plus™ Core is built with automation in mind—setup a recipe once and then measure parts again and again with one click.

  • Automated CAD import and comparison.
  • Robust measurement tools including GD&T measurements.
  • Automated report generation.

Configure your custom system today

MAS has pre-designed components which can be combined in a variety of ways to create a system unique to your needs—all powered by the powerful features of our QC Plus™ software. Contact a member of our sales team to configure your system today.