Automotive Metrology

Scan-to-Path™ Metrology in Automotive Manufacturing

As an automotive manufacturer, you know that one defective part affects the total quality of the assembled component. And, a defective component is also a safety risk for drivers. MAS understands this too, which is why we designed our QC Plus™ metrology systems with efficiency and safety in mind.

QC Plus™ systems with Scan-to-Path™ technology give you the ability to address in-process part defects and out-of-tolerance components in real time; this means that you can quickly identify, assess, and correct the root cause of errors before the final QC inspection. This will help you reduce costs, improve repeatability, and increase efficiency.

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MAS’ Automotive Capabilities & Applications

We know how important it is for automotive manufacturers to eliminate all forms of waste. With Scan-to-Path ™ technology, you can instantaneously identify anomalies, uneven surface finishes, and assembly errors. Additionally, you can use Scan-to-Path™ technology to aid in the research and development (R&D) process, which can help you reduce the time it takes to introduce new products. From manufacturing to R&D, you can use our custom 3D measurement solutions for a wide array of applications, including:

EV Fuel Cells

Our non-contact, QC Plus™ automotive metrology systems can help you design, manufacture, and inspect electric vehicles. From fuel cell components to finished electric vehicle assemblies, we have QC Plus™ metrology solutions for any application.

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Cylinder Heads

Our robotic laser scanners are capable of inspecting and validating subcomponents of cylinder heads in addition to the completed assembly. This includes pinpoint laser inspection of the intake and exhaust ports, cylinder head parts, head valves, fuel injectors, and combustion chamber. Inspecting every subcomponent part ensures the finished integrated assembly is aligned correctly.

Auto Frame

Our scan-to-path systems help validate and inspect automotive chassis while providing in-depth 3D scans and profiles. This will help you deliver critical data to test and confirm a frame’s weight, strength, and durability with less manual effort.

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connecting rods in a car engine

Connecting Rods

Measuring surface defects is a key application of our QC Plus™ systems. Our solutions continually analyze surface morphology, ensuring that no anomalies, inclusions, or voids are present on the surface, while also validating the surface finish of the bearing inserts, rod caps, the rod itself, and wrist pins.


You can also use our robotic laser scanning systems to validate the part geometries of camshafts. This involves measuring the camshaft’s unique surface profile and validating the position of the camshaft sensor, lobe, heel, main rod, journal, and thrust.

Camshafts and valve in oil on the car engine
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Flush & Gap

Accurately measuring flush and gaps is an important need for auto manufacturers.. Our QC Plus™ systems help validate the separation and dimensional tolerances between two surfaces while ensuring minimal interference of moving parts.

Injection Molded Components

Our systems can perform laser scanning of injection molded components, helping to ensure profile geometries are free of debris and within the allowed dimensional tolerances.

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Contour Adjustment

In addition to accurate dimensional measurement, our Scan-to-Path ™ software gives automotive manufacturers new ways to leverage measurement data to do work and improve quality. Using our proprietary Scan-to-Path™ software, our automotive metrology systems can scan a given location, validate dimensions, and immediately adjust the robot path to perfectly fit that part. This is perfect for stamped parts with many curves and can be used for trimming edges, installing subcomponents, applying adhesive beads, and much more.


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