This is the scanner from our S6000-C and S6000-X, offered as a standalone scanner kit. It can be used manually or mounted by the customer onto any motion system, including any robot they want to use.

The 3i-FLEX™ system is highly flexible and provides accurate measurements on any motion system.


This system includes everything you need to track, scan and perform automated analysis including scanner, tracker, high-performance PC, 4K monitor and S-Series Analyzer software.

  • Ready-to-mount sensor clamp
  • Easy integration
  • Performs automated analysis


The scanning and tracking versatility, along with wide working volume options, makes the 3i-FLEX™ a great fit for any application. This system includes all the benefits of our S-Series Analyzer software.

  • Versatile scanner
  • Reliable tracking
  • Wide working volume


All of the S-Series machines include the powerful features of our S-Series Analyzer Software. Use a single interface to manage your entire measurement process from motion control, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Plus S-Series analyzer is built with automation in mind—setup a recipe once and then measure parts again and again with one click.

  • Automated CAD import and comparison.
  • Robust measurement tools including GD&T measurements.
  • Ready to integrate with other equipment via GPIO or our Scan-to-Path software package.


Laser Specs

Width at Reference Height 15.748" (400mm)

Depth of Field 15.748" (400mm)

Data Resolution 0.00079" (20μm)

Profiler Accuracy 0.00098" (25μm)

System Specs

System Accuaracy 0.00252" (64μm)


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Additional information

Mounting Style

Handheld (No Mounting Clamp), With Mounting Clamp


This system can be used manually or be mounted onto any motion system. This versatility offers a wide range of configuration with many different applications. Easily integrate with any existing motion platform. MAS offers complete design and integration services to help customize our systems to solve your problems.

  • Let’s assess your pain points to help you tailor a system to fit your needs so you can gain control over your manufacturing process and improve your quality.
  • We’ll help you fully customize this product so that it completely fits with your process and line. We want to help you increase your productivity.


Handheld Scanning

This system is completely portable which allows the user to scan items by hand. Easily scan multiple items in different locations. No need to drag heavy equipment around your shop.

Robotic Scanning

Simply mount onto any motion system, including any robotic system. This standalone scanner kit allows you to reuse and upgrade equipment you already have in place in your work space.


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