S3000: 1 Through 3-Axis Laser Scanner

The S3000 is a turnkey, high-precision fully automated 3D laser scanning system with one, two or three axes of servo motion. S3000 can either be loaded manually or integrated for automated load/unload. Standard configuration uses a 3D laser profiler to traverse over a part while collecting 3D point cloud data.

Depending on which 3D laser profiler option is chosen, data intervals may be as precise as up to every 2.5 microns along X and Y direction. This 3D point cloud can then be compared against a 3D CAD model of that same scanned part to analyzing a variety of defects and measurement deviations.


Our 3000 model includes all controls and software needed, including control cabinet, high-performance PC, 4k monitor and S-Series Analyzer software. Also includes leveling casters for easy mobility.

  • Resolution as fine as 2.5um
  • Heavy duty steel structure
  • Wide range of sensors


Meet our highest accuracy system in the S-Series family! This system has all the benefits of our S-series analyzer software, along with the ability to detect even the smallest of scratches and color variations.

  • Detects color variation
  • High-accuracy
  • Monitors for scratches


All of the S-Series machines include the powerful features of our S-Series Analyzer software. Use a single interface to manage your entire measurement process from motion control, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Plus S-Series Analyzer is built with automation in mind—setup a recipe once and then measure parts again and again with one click.

  • Automated CAD import and comparison.
  • Robust measurement tools including GD&T measurements.
  • Ready to integrate with other equipment via GPIO or our Scan-to-Path software package.


Laser Specs

Width at Reference Height 0.30" (7.5mm)

Depth of Field 0.17" (4.4mm)

Data Resolution 0.000098" (2.5µm)

Profiler Accuracy 0.0001" (2.2µm)

System Specs

System Accuaracy 0.00038" (9.7µm)

Scan Travel 32.442" (824.03mm)

Y-Axis Travel 24" (609.6mm)


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Keyence LJ-X8020, Keyence LJ-X8060, Keyence LJ-X8080, Keyence LJ-X8200

Laser Configuration

Single laser profiler, Back-to-back laser profiler

Part Position Motion Group

X (Scanning Axis Only), X,Y (Scan Axis + Perpendicular Axis), X,C (Scan Axis + Rotary Axis), X,Y,C (Scan + Perpendicular Axis + Rotary Axis)

Integrating into your Process

We offer complete design and integration services to help customize our systems to solve your problems. We start by assessing your pain points and help tailor a system to fit your needs so you can gain control over your manufacturing process and improve your quality. Our 3000 model is easy to integrate with other systems! Allow us to show you all the possibilities.

  • Known for its versatility and adaptability, this system can be used as a standalone, turnkey system or be fully integrated with other systems. Users even have the ability to cross section parts to share data at any point!
  • Dive into more detail by using our measurement tools to analyze your product. Our software allows you to add datums, reference features and to measure using the GD&T tools you need to match your requirements.


Near-Line Precision Metrology Station

Can be completely integrated for full dimensional measurement dedicated to post-process stations.  Allow our 3000 model to fully integrate with your plant systems.

Robot Tending In-line Metrology Station

Our system is fully compatible with in-line automated CMM quality control processes. For a reliable way to measure parts after machining, our system can be incorporated into any robotic machine tending.

Repeatable Measurements from Any Operator

Successive and precise measurements. Our system provides the same level of accuracy every time. Measurements can also be repeated over and over with the push of a button.


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