S6000-P: 6-Axis Robotic Laser Scanner

The S6000-P is our fully customizable robotic 3D laser scanner capable of automated load/unload. Compared with other 3D vision systems on the market, the S6000-P does not require an external tracking systems to achieve a high level of precision.

This system can achieve true six degrees of freedom while scanning a part without the limitations other are faced with by maintaining line-of-sight with a tracker. The high level of flexibility with scanning allows this system to view surfaces of parts unseen by other systems, reposition parts to view blind spots and of course load and unload itself.


This system includes the complete control system, high-performance PC, 4K monitor, and S-Series analyzer software. Our S6000-P laser scanning system also includes electric gripper for part handling in addition to scanning.

  • Six-axis robotic system
  • Robot controller with expandable I/O
  • Includes all controls/software needed
  • Built-in electric gripper for part handling


Picks up on even the slightest scratches and color variations. All the benefits of our S-Series analyzer software and more! This system required no external tracker, so no line of sight tool is required.

  • Detects even minor scratches
  • No external tracker required
  • Analyzes color variations


All of the S-Series machines include the powerful features of our S-Series Analyzer Software. Use a single interface to manage your entire measurement process from motion control, data capture, analysis, and reporting. Plus S-Series analyzer is built with automation in mind—setup a recipe once and then measure parts again and again with one click.

  • Automated CAD import and comparison.
  • Robust measurement tools including GD&T measurements.
  • Ready to integrate with other equipment via GPIO or our Scan-to-Path software package.


Laser Specs

Width at Reference Height 0.30" (7.5mm)

Depth of Field 0.17" (4.4mm)

Data Resolution 0.000098" (2.5µm)

Profiler Accuracy 0.0001" (2.2µm)

System Specs

System Accuaracy 0.00166" (42.2.25µm)

Reach 78.740" (2000mm)


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Keyence LJ-X8020, Keyence LJ-X8060, Keyence LJ-X8080, Keyence LJ-X8200, Keyence LJ-X8400, Keyence LJ-X8900

Laser Configuration

Single laser profiler, Back-to-back laser profiler

Integrating into your Process

This product can be customized to any application. Our experts will customize robot end of arm tool and cell to work turnkey with your manufacturing line. MAS offers complete design and integration services to help customize our systems to solve your problems. We’ll tailor a system to fit your needs so you can gain control over your manufacturing process.

  • We start by assessing your pain points so you can regain complete control over the quality of your processes. Our automated systems can give you a simple pass/fail judgement.
  • From one axis to six axes, we have scanning solutions for any application. Our scanners can stand alone or can be integrated with your existing manufacturing equipment.


CNC Machine Tending

Easily configure our software to your robotic machine tending cell, for large or small part capacity. Our scanner can work with a variety of parts, fulfilling all of your 3D scanning needs.

Pick & Place

Simply pick and place from conveyor for inline automated measurement. Our system can automatically measure and execute scanning solutions within your manufacturing processes.

Use with Scan-to-Path Software

For additional processing, our S6000-P laser scanner can be used with our industry-leading Scan-to-Path Software packages. We make it easy to apply our solutions to fit your needs.


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