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Impact your company by identifying opportunities in your process that would yield big impact to your company’s profit, and safety, advancing your company’s competitive edge.  At MAS we call this ROI-Based Automation.  The right automation is an investment that yields impactful returns.


ROI-based automation requires Innovation.  At MAS, we help our customers identify opportunities and innovate solutions in their factories for high profit impact.

$2.5M project

Robot packaging cells

Bundling multi-parts per second

High-speed packaging of glass parts

“We have elevated innovation in our worldwide facilities in the 15 years we’ve been working with MAS. We consider MAS as an extension of our project team.”

- Fortune 500 Company, global installations


ROI-based automation produces Impact.  Automation is an investment that yields higher profits (faster line rates, higher volume, lower scrap, lower HR Overhead) and safer work environments.

$1.5M project

Increased line rate

Reduced operational cost

Increased safety standards

Increased uptime

The solution MAS provided converted a high-risk problem into a streamlined, automation process that is at the heart of our production line. We've now adopted this throughout our entire plant. We invested millions, but with MAS, we saw a clear ROI after just three months of production.”

- Steel Fabrication Industry

inspire WITH US

ROI-based automation stimulates Inspiration.  As our customers enjoy the impact that is made in their factories, it inspires them to continue to improve their factories by applying ROI-based automation.

98% repeat customer rate

Increased profit margin

Positive change in team culture

Increased confidence in innovation

Decreased onboarding downtime

We’ve continued to contract with MAS for continuous process improvements.  The results of investing in automation are real and clear.”

- Technology Company, global installations


Who we choose to spend our time with every day will impact you, one way or the other. That’s why we only work with the best.

We choose our team, our clients, and our partners with the intention to be challenged and grow together, completing each project stronger and sharper than when we started.

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