Automate Challenging High-Mix, Low-Volume Manufacturing Processes With QC Plus™

Automation is a revolutionary concept that has allowed manufacturers to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. However, for many years, only low-mix, high-volume factories were able to take advantage of automation technologies.

With automation, high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) manufacturers have unique challenges. These automation challenges include frequent part changes, complicated adjustments for each SKU, and the skilled technicians required to program robots for each part.

If you’re a manufacturer looking to automate your HMLV processes, let our experts at MAS help you. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to helping manufacturers overcome automation challenges, increase profit, and improve process efficiency. 

Our latest solution, the CobotQC robotic scanning system, redefines the landscape for plant managers grappling with the complexities of HMLV manufacturing. The CobotQC is more than just a tool—it’s your manufacturing partner that’s ready to learn and adapt.

A Plug-&-Play Solution

The beauty of our CobotQC robotic scanning system lies in its customizability. Each system is deliberately customized to your unique requirements. 

And what sets our system apart is the ease with which it can be incorporated into production lines—you don’t have to wait multiple days or even weeks for implementation. Instead, you can install the system, program it, and begin scanning on the day you receive it.

Little Training or Experience Required

The streamlined nature of our CobotQC robotic scanning system eliminates the obstacles associated with changeovers and paves the way forward for efficient operations.

The CobotQC comes equipped with Push-to-Teach™ making it incredibly easy for operators to learn and use without extensive programming experience or lengthy training. Instead, with just an hour or two of training, operators can grasp how the system works and start teaching new scanning paths.

Increased Productivity With Short Changeover Time

We know that having the ability to rapidly changeover from one product to another is critical for HMLV manufacturers.

Our CobotQC robotic scanning system makes the changeover process for parts quick and uncomplicated, especially for parts that have already been seen or scanned by the system previously. 

Our QC Plus™software saves your previous sequences, allowing operators to readily open a previous SKU and simply press “Go,” —quickly enabling the system to re-run the saved sequence. As such, this sequence changeover takes minutes, significantly boosting productivity.

For entirely new components, the system needs to learn a scanning path to create a 3D scan of the part. While this may sound complex at first, teaching the system a new path can be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

How Push-to-Teach Works In the QC Plus™ System

Push-to-Teach™ makes it easy for anyone to teach a new scanning path by providing a set of handles with which you can manually manipulate and teach the robot. There are buttons located directly on the handle which put the robot into a teaching mode of the scanning system—pushing these buttons puts the machine in “teaching mode.” The teaching mode allows where operators canto drag the robot along the required scanning path and define key points, automatically crafting a new program for that part without any need for traditional programming or code.

How the QC Plus™ Robotic Scanning System Works


The CobotQC measures parts using advanced robotics and 3D scanning technology.

 It is powered by our QC Plus™ software for analysis and control, which offers two unique methods of measuring parts:

Using CAD Models

QC Plus™ can compare scanned parts to their corresponding CAD models, emphasizing areas outside general tolerances with an intuitive heat map. With this feature, you won’t need to teach a new sequence for each SKU. All you need to do is align the scanned part with the correct CAD file, and the system’s software will handle the rest, producing a detailed report indicating areas within (green) and outside (red) of tolerance.

Creating Measurement Sequences

If specific measurements on a part are needed, that too is easily achievable with QC Plus™ software. All the operator has to do is turn on “teaching mode” and guide the robot to different points along the desired path using the push-to-teach handle. Each position and point is recorded by hitting the button on the push-to-teach handle. 

Once all necessary points are recorded in this manner, the measurements you need can be easily defined by the operator in our easy-to-use software. . This path can then be repeated and re-run as often as needed, allowing for efficient and precise measurements.

Learn More About Our QC Plus™ System Today

In a world where quality cannot be compromised, MAS offers an accessible entry point into quality control automation for HMLV manufacturers.

If you’re ready to learn more about our QC Plus™ robotic scanning system, schedule a discovery meeting with us today. We’re committed to making automation work for you.