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Automated Metrology: Transforming Aerospace & Defense

Maintaining dimensional tolerances is a critical requirement for aerospace and defense contractors. The smallest micro-fissure, void, inclusion, or pit on a component, part, or assembly surface can quickly lead to crack propagation or fatigue failure during in-field use. That’s why you need MAS. Our line of 3D scan-to-path robotic laser scanners can help you identify surface anomalies in real-time, improve aerospace quality control processes, and even lower costs.

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The Role of Metrology

Within the world of defense and aerospace, high precision metrology involves capturing data on surface profiles to analyze the component’s overall quality and safety. Even the smallest defect or fracture on a turbine blade, turbine casing, rotor, or landing gear component can lead to catastrophic failure.

Our aerospace and defense metrology solutions at MAS include Scan-to-path™ robotic laser scanning systems.

The goal of each of these systems is to control dimensional tolerances while scanning and analyzing a surface’s profile. This helps identify any component surface defects that might affect an entire system or assembly’s integrity.

Additionally, because our solutions are automated, you don’t have to wait to QA a finished product—our systems actually scan your product during each stage of the production process, ensuring issues are caught before the product reaches its final stage in production.

Our Scan-to-Path™ software allows you to adjust processes in real-time, using millions of data points. Learn more about how automated metrology can improve your processes below.

Benefits of Automated Metrology

There are numerous benefits of automated metrology. Think of how important it is to capture defects during the manufacturing process, and how much time and money you save when you prevent defects.

Our Scan-to-path™ robotic systems not only ensure your company is manufacturing high-quality components, but also ensures your team isn’t left catching these defects on finished goods during the final quality control and inspection. Here is a list of some of the immediate benefits of using our inline laser scanner systems:

1. Reduced Labor Costs and Assembly Times

Isolating issues in real-time using our innovative Scan-to-path™ laser scanners helps you avoid the high costs of assembling products that won’t meet requirements. This saves you labor costs and assembly times while ensuring your team isn’t forced to rework or repair parts and components.

2. Accurate Final Inspections

Our inline metrology systems will not only help you identify defects during your manufacturing process, but also assist your quality control team during the final inspection.

3. Ensures Compliance

We know that you must meet stringent accreditation and certification requirements. Your company’s performance isn’t just measured by what you charge or when you deliver. You’re measured on repeatability, quality, and accuracy. That’s why our defense and aerospace metrology solutions provide repeatable reports for every part.

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