How to Improve Quality Control With 3D Scanning Robots & Cobots

The combination of robots and automated 3D scanning has revolutionized manufacturing in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, medical, general manufacturing, and automotive. 

By combining the two technologies, industrial robots and/or cobots can be programmed to scan a surface and detect potential defects or irregularities, allowing faster and more accurate inspections while enhancing consumer safety and product reliability. Additionally, cobots can be used to ensure products meet stringent quality standards as they move through the production line.

In this guide, we’ll explore several ways in which 3D scanning robots and cobots can be powerful tools for ensuring product excellence.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

The use of robotics and automatic 3D scanning in inspection and quality control processes has become increasingly important in recent years, primarily due to their ability to rapidly record accurate measurements in real-time.

3D scanners, when paired with industrial robots and cobots, increase the speed and accuracy of measurements and inspections compared to traditional methods, like coordinate-measuring machines. This not only enables faster, more efficient quality control processes but can also aid in product development and prototyping.

3D scanning also allows for automated data capture on parts without manual input or intervention, which significantly increases the repeatability and accuracy of the process, making it less labor-intensive and cost-effective.

Reverse Engineering

Specialized 3D scanning robots can be used to analyze an existing product to identify areas of improvement and implement these improvements to develop a better, next-generation product.

By accurately re-creating models of existing parts and components and replicating the original design specifications, manufacturers can ensure their new and improved products are more reliable and less prone to defects.

Leveraging this reverse engineering technique allows manufacturers to create better products with higher accuracy and reliability while reducing production time.

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