Introducing QC Plus™: New Name, New Products, New Possibilities.

At MAS, we are constantly developing new products, technologies, and software capabilities to better serve you. Automated metrology has been our focus for many years because we believe that measurement, metrology, and inspection are powerful tools—able to shape manufacturing processes and enable Industry 4.0 transformations. As we develop new products that incorporate metrology into manufacturing, our team is excited to announce a significant change to our product family of automated 3D scanning systems. Our S-Series family of products has been renamed as “QC Plus™” to better align with the future direction of these products.

“This new name better communicates what these products can do for our customers—and how our solutions can benefit their manufacturing far beyond typical quality control systems.”

-Matta Rizkallah, CEO

Easily configurable, our QC Plus™ systems enable you to automate 3D scanning and inspection quickly, making an immediate impact in your business and regaining your control over your manufacturing process. Offering much more value and versatility than what you may picture when you hear “quality control”—read on to learn about the QC Plus™ name and how QC Plus™ can make a difference for you.

Quality from the Start

The team at MAS takes a broad view of metrology and quality control, with a big-picture belief that quality control can and should begin at step one. Quality products don’t happen by accident, and every step in your manufacturing process—from raw material to finished product—impacts the final quality. We believe that quality is controlled throughout the process, and that the best quality control happens not through end-of-line inspections, but by carefully managing every step in the process. QC Plus™ reflects a holistic and big-picture quality control method.

QC Plus™ Automation

The future of quality control lies in a seamless integration of quality control into the production process. QC Plus™ was designed as configurable solutions, bringing quality control to the production line effortlessly—making inspection an integral part of the manufacturing process. In-line analysis enables you to detect defects or hiccups early and adjust in real-time, making your production process optimized and efficient. QC Plus™ systems are configurable and designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing production processes—enabling accurate and real-time measurements and data collection. With QC Plus™ automated systems, you will identify and correct quality issues as they happen, preventing larger problems down the line.

QC Plus™ Work

For most manufacturers, need for control goes beyond simple identification of defects. Manufacturing requires determining the root cause of the defect to make proactive corrections. Therefore, QC Plus™ is not just focused on identification of defects, but on leveraging 3D measurement to solve real world manufacturing problems. Our QC Plus™ systems include our Scan-to-Path™ software which enables corrective actions, adaptively changing robot paths, and performing real work (like material removal, assembly, or finishing). These closed-loop manufacturing systems are designed to enable more intelligent manufacturing by using 3D measurement as a driving input. Leveraging 3D scanning technology, we can help you perform work correctly the first time—creating high quality products from the start, no rework or scrap required.

QC Plus™ Value

MAS can enable your factory to level-up, manufacturing more intelligently. With our advanced metrology software and hardware solutions, you can improve production processes, reduce waste, and increase profits. Whether you’re looking to improve product quality, reduce costs, or increase throughput, QC Plus™ has the tools you need to succeed.

We are excited to introduce the QC Plus™ name and the new possibilities it brings to your business. Over the coming months, you can expect more new products from MAS, continuing our mission to bring metrology into manufacturing to ensure your company’s efficacy and efficiency.

If you’d like to learn more about the QC Plus™ family of automated measurement systems, schedule a discovery meeting today!