3d laser integrated into a production line

Scan-to-Path™: Integrated Metrology for Robot Guidance

With the continued improvement of metrology technologies throughout the years, more and more inspection and manufacturing processes are becoming automated, and for good reason.

Integrated metrology allows manufacturing and production companies to perform inline measurements at production speeds, all while maintaining high standards of process safety and product quality. 

In this post, we’re going to dive into the benefits of upgrading to Scan-to-Path® to improve your processes.

Benefits of Scan-to-Path™ Metrology

Automate your quality assurance (QA) processes for the following benefits:

  • Accuracy: Millions of data points instead of only a few measurements. Scan-to-path­™ technology can measure the shape and dimension of products in real-time. These systems also know when a product does not conform to required tolerances and specifications. Additionally, although operators are skilled, automated systems significantly reduce human errors.
  • Higher Inspection Rate: Measure more parts in a shorter amount of time. Most installations improved to 100% inspection rates. 
  • Speed: Save labor, materials, and time by reducing re-work and downstream processes impact.
  • Repeatability:  One of the most significant benefits is the fact that measurements can be completed without a skilled operator. These measurements can also be repeated for a large number of products automatically.

MAS: The Automated Metrology Experts

MAS has been a leader in the automated metrology space for many years and continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation.
Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier by increasing the quality of your products, reducing production errors, and inspiring continual growth and improvement. Some of our automated solutions include:

3D Laser Scanning Systems

Our 3D inline inspection solutions will help you reduce waste and production errors. Our highly accurate 3D laser scanning systems include:

  • S6000-X 6-Axis Robotic Scanning: This 6-axis scanner is easy to customize and available in many designs. Because there are many models available, each with different work envelopes and payloads, it’s perfect for all types of applications. 
  • CobotQC Bundle 6-Axis Collaborative Robot Laser Scanner: Designed for large and/or complex objects, this sytem is easy to use, customizable, and perfect for environments that rely on flexibility. 
  • S6000-P 6-Axis Robotic Laser Scanner: The S6000-P-6-Axis robotic laser scanner has the ability to scan hard-to-reach surfaces, and can even detect scratches and color variations.
  • 3i-FLEX: All of our CobotQC Bundle and S6000-X systems use this highly accurate scanner. If you already have your own motion system, industrial robot, or collaborative robot, you can purchase the 3i-FLEX as a standalone product. 
  • LineQC Bundle-Single-Axis Laser Scanner: Our single-axis scanner can be mounted onto conveyor belts, robotic cells, and other equipment. It’s capable of collecting 3D point cloud data up to every 75 microns in both the X and Y planes.
  • GaugeQC Bundle-1 Through 3-Axis Laser Scanner: Available with one, two, or three axes of servo motion, the GaugeQC Bundle is an all-in-one solution that can detect minor scratches, color variations, and other product defects. 

Additionally, all of our 3D laser scanner systems are custom-tailored based on your applications and other requirements.

Advanced Software Solutions

Our 3D scanning systems utilize some of the most powerful and unique software on the market, including our proprietary Series Analyzer and Scan-to-Path™ software package.

The QC Plus™ provides manufacturers with powerful measurement tools that can automate inspection processes with ease. You can set up measurements for each SKU one time, load the part model, and then hit the start button. The system will then automatically perform all of the scanning, alignment, comparison, and measurements required to create a detailed report. When you use our QC Plus™ with our collaborative robot option, you can even create a new scan program without using a teach pendant. 

You can also integrate our Scan-to-Path™ software into any FANUC robot. With the software package’s adaptive pathing, you can use measurement data to prevent and correct defects, rework existing QA processes, and more.

Improve Your Processes With Metrology Solutions

MAS is a customer-focused company that specializes in automation and metrology. Since our founding, we’ve been committed to helping our customers grow by providing innovative and impactful solutions to customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and general manufacturing sectors. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Scan-to-Path™ solutions, contact us today to request a consultation.